An African American Deliverance Minister
Erica Joseph Shepherd

Erica Joseph Shepherd

An African American Deliverance Minister

A African American Lady Exorcist


Reconnecting You  To  Jesus

Ministering  the Integrated Healing Prayer Model

Salvation, Healing, Exorcism Deliverance

 and  Inner Healing Miracles,

All by the Power of  God,

In the name of Jesus!

I prayed for a special Anointing t
o be able to 

"Help and Bless the African Americans 

and  God  gave  it to me!

Couple that with over 25 Years of  Experience,

And you will benefit from my Knowledge, Skill,

Wisdom and Understanding
 We are a multicultural Ministry.

Erica  Joseph  Shepherd

Anointed by God to Teach and Train


“God Has a Blessing For You!”

       Ted Line 

    Erica Joseph Shepherd

   www. Blogtalkradio   6am 7am

     Integrated Healing Prayer Model 

"Reconnect To Jesus and  Reintegrated to  God"

102 Pansy St
Walterboro, SC. 29488





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Anointed  to  Uncover,Expose and  Destroy
Hidden  Oppresssion and The Hidden Things of Darkness. 
The  Aftermath of the Willie  Lynch Curse,
Willie Lynch SpiritsOperating within  African  Americans

Please click on the 
Willie  Lynch Deliverance page above!
Anointed to Uncover Expose and Destroy
Incubus and Succubus Sex Demons,
Sleep Paralysis Demons 

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